Hidden gems of Folegandros island

The hiking paths
If you were to measure them, Folegandros’ pathways would be far, far longer than its asphalted roads. Generations of farmers and shepherds carved out dozens of routes to their pastures and crops, which any self-respecting hiker would want to try. Most of them are paved with flagstones. Hike as many as you can. They’ll lead you to some of the most beautiful secrets of the Aegean.

The Folk Museum
Ano Meria, Folegandros’ only other village besides Hora, has kept its strictly agricultural character. Here, in an old farmhouse, you can see what a traditional farmstead was really like, with its storage cellar, outdoor oven, olive press and – a Folegandros phenomenon – walled-in lemon trees. The winter wind blows so fiercely that the locals erect high stone walls around each one to protect them.

The view from Cape Mihelo lighthouse
Eleven metres tall, the lighthouse at Cape Mihelo has been operating since 1912. Put the hike that leads here on your list of interesting walks and take in the extraordinary view as the entire Aegean unfolds before you.

Source: https://www.discovergreece.com/