φολεγανδρος ξενοδοχεια - Folegandros Apartments


Cycladic island of unusual beauty with elements the ultimate blue of the Aegean, steep bays, bizarre beaches and unique attractions, either man-made or natural. Folegandros is an authentic piece of insular Greece, a welcoming island with a relaxed atmosphere and with beaches of exotic beauty. It constitutes the alternative for those who want peaceful holidays that combine attractions, beautiful beaches & remarkable nightlife.

In Folegandros the three small villages, Karavostasis (the port), Chora, Ano Meria and Agali beach are connected by asphalt roads. Chora is closed to car & motorcycles traffic and has a unique center with three squares in a row. Indeed, it has one of the most impressive views to the Aegean Sea.


Chrysospilia is an inaccessible cave in the steep northeastern side of Folegandros. It is of particular archaeological interest thanks to the rich stone decoration developed on a path of 300 m. It’s about adolescents’ names that logically, took part in an initiatory ceremony and are engraved with clay material.

φολεγανδρος ξενοδοχεια - Folegandros Apartments


In Folegandros there are many, mostly small, churches and a lot of chapels. The most famous church is Panagia, which is located opposite the High School in Chora. In the entire island visitors will encounter many small chapels.

The area of Castro, a small fortress built by the Venetians in 1210-a small village within Chora, will take you back to the Middle Ages. In Chora and the all-white settlements you will surely enjoy true luxury proposals, but tradition and hospitality are genuine values.


Transparent waters, seabeds with typical green Folegandros stone, secluded sandy beaches under the shade of tamarisks, taverns with fresh fish right by the sea. The beaches are easy to reach by tourist boats, car or coach. The more secluded beaches are accessed on foot. Folegandros is ideal for hiking: the footpaths between the dry stone walls pass by old mills, abandoned themonies, solitary chapels, and cross the whole island.

Karavostasis (Chochlidia)

Location: The beach at Karavostasis port is located in front of the settlement’s houses. Family beach with shade from tamarisk trees throughout its length. There are bars, taverns and hotels near the sea.

Latinaki – Vitsentzou – Pountaki

If you follow the coastal road from the port towards Livadi, you will find small beaches.


Access: By boat from Karavostasis, or on foot from the footpath that starts in Livadi (around 30′). This footpath calls for attention.


Access: There is road access by coach or by car but also by boat from Karavostasis. Family beach. There are taverns and rooms to let. Nearby beaches: Very near to the beach of Agali is Agios Nikolaos.


Access: By boat from Karavostasis and Agali. Also, on foot from Ano Meria (45 ‘).

Agios Georgios

Access: By car (dirt road, 10′ from Ano Meria) or on foot along the footpaths (45′ hike from Ano Meria).


Access: On foot along the footpath (20 ‘) that starts from Myloi. The beach is exposed to northern winds.

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