εμπειρίες στη φολέγανδρο - Folegandros Apartments

Traditional food

The traditional dish of Folegandros is the homemade pasta “Matsata”. They look like little taglatelle “chilopittes” but are thicker and can be served with braised rooster, rabbit or plain with cheese. Wherever you try this dish on the island, will definitely be fresh and tasty!

As for the famous “Karpouzopita” (Watermelon Pie) this is an inventive dessert, which you can find in Folegandros, Kimolos and Milos. This particular dessert is based on the delicious taste and the sweetness of local August watermelons.


The island has three basic villages, all worth a visit. The capital is Chora, which is a traffic-free village with many taverns and shops. Here, the Castro lies, which was an area of the town built like a fortress. You can also visit the church of the Virgin Mary just above Chora, which has an icon that is believed to have performed many miracles.

In Ano Meria there is a small folklore museum about the island. This village is where most of the farmers live, and it is quite striking that you see animals everywhere. Karavostasis is the port of the island, and here you will find many restaurants and a few beaches. You can also visit the Golden Cave, Chrysospilia, but only by boat.

εμπειρίες στη φολέγανδρο - Folegandros Apartments
εμπειρίες στη φολέγανδρο - Folegandros Apartments

Feasts & Festivals

Each July, the feasts of Folegandros and the summer festival of the island enliven the streets of Castro, the port of Karavostasis, and Ano Meria, by hosting events including theatrical performances, screenings, and concerts featuring Greek or classical music. Thematic exhibits are hosted in the neoclassical Elementary School building throughout the summer.

Easter in Folegandros

On Easter Sunday, Folegandros is blooming and all the houses are open: they are waiting for the blessing of the icon of the Virgin Mary. Easter is celebrated here in a completely unique way, not found anywhere else in Greece: In an atmosphere of joy, with songs, good wishes, festivities and fireworks, every house on the island welcomes the procession with the icon of Our Lady (Panagia), and wine, raki, pastries and treats are offered to all the people accompanying the procession.

Trails for hikers

Despite the island’s small size, the well-preserved network of old paved streets and footpaths is an attraction for hikers, allowing them to experience the riches of Folegandros’s historical character.

The network of selected footpaths, with a total length of 20 kilometres, crosses a large part of the Folegandros countryside and constitutes the Footpaths of Historical and Cultural Interest, which lead to destinations with a particular historical-cultural or environmental importance.

εμπειρίες στη φολέγανδρο - Folegandros Apartments
εμπειρίες στη φολέγανδρο - Folegandros Apartments

Nightlife and entertainment

Folegandros is not an island for wild partying and nightlife, but in Chora you shall find a few bars. Folegandros is the place where all groups of friends of the island become one big bunch. The starting point is the central square of the island, where you can drink rakomelo (raki and honey shots) and listen the Greek singer-songwriter Thanassis Papakonstantinou.

Here, most vacationers prefer to eat slowly and then sit in taverns to relax over a retsina wine and ouzo. The island has about 10 bars to have a drink two of which are for after-hours; one of them is more of a club style bar while the other one is more of an alternative music bar.Generally, the deal here is “we grab our drinks and chill out at the square and chit-chat”.

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εμπειρίες στη φολέγανδρο - Folegandros Apartments