A walking tour of Folegandros’ main town

Simple, stylish and still largely undiscovered by international visitors, Folegandros’ Hora scores highly on both the authenticity and cosmopolitan meter.

Tucked away between Santorini, Milos and other better-known Cycladic islands, Folegandros has an unmistakable sense of discovery about it. And certainly, from more than 200m up in the main town – with the sparkling blue of the Aegean Sea ahead and the whitewashed houses behind you – you’ll be asking yourself how it was never on your radar of Greek islands before.

Hora (as the main town is known) takes everything cosmopolitan and chic about the Cyclades and presents it with simplicity and untapped wonder – all the way up to its hill-top Venetian castle.

You’ll be telling people about the island’s beaches and food for sure, but its heartbeat is without doubt Hora, whose cobblestone streets, courtyards, churches and squares all compete for your attention. So take a stroll along its car-free streets and get to know its deeply authentic soul – one sugar-cubed house at a time.

Source: https://www.discovergreece.com/